Dota2’s Winter 2016 Battle Pass And Shanghai Major Compendium Is Now Available To Players

 Dota2’s Winter 2016 Battle Pass And Shanghai Major Compendium Is Now Available To Players

According to many people, the Fall Compendium last year for Dota 2’s first Major did not live up to Valve’s previous Compendiums. Although only costing $4, it didn’t offer much in return except a few cosmetic items. This time, Valve has changed it’s strategy to release a ‘Battle Pass’ with the Shanghai Major Compendium; which is here.

The total package (Battle Pass and Shanghai Major Compendium) costs $7.99.



One of the cool things the Battle Pass comes with are quests, which is basically a revamped version of last year’s Compendium challenges. When you enter a game, you select a ‘path’ which then provides you with a challenge for the game. If you fulfill the challenge you more forward in the path to the next challenge, and so on until you reach the end where you receive a mythical set. The type of set depends upon which path you take, which can be the Support Path, the Solo Path and the Carry Path. As more people complete their paths to treasure, the community progress bars will fill up and result in the availability of additional styles for the sets. Moreover, you can select a path based on what your team needs in the game. This means no more forcefully playing a single hero and ruining everyone’s games when you can still pick a fragile support and advance forward.

Battle Points and Battle Levels

Each week, Battle Pass owners will receive an allowance of 1,000 battle points. They can then use these points to wager a certain amount on their team during matches. If your prediction is successful, you will be rewarded with the enemy’s battle points which will be divided equally; and vice versa. Winning more battle points will increase your battle level. One important thing to note is that the tokens from your previous allowance won’t add up to next week’s, so you’re better off spending them. Valve has also added a tip system where you can tip your teammates some battle points at the end of a match if you liked playing with them.

Rewards And Treasures

You can also complete achievements available to you on the achievements tab of your Battle Pass. As you gain more and more battle points from wagering, achievements and quests; your battle level rises. Regardless of your battle level though, there are some base goodies available to all Battle Pass owners, which include:

  • Winter Terrain

Battle Pass 1

A seasonal terrain for winter 2016. Something important to keep note of is that you will lose it once your Battle Pass expires.

  • Frost Creeps

Battle Pass 2

New skins for Radiant and Dire creeps, based on winter.

  • Battle Pass Replays

Battle Pass 3

You can download replays for any matches you play with your Battle Pass. These replays will be available to download for 3 months instead of the usual 10 days.

As your battle level increases, you are able to collect rewards. This includes four sets each having one “unique ultra rare”. Additional sets can also be purchased from the market. As you open more and more treasures, you increase your chance of receiving an ultra rare in the next treasure. The 3 month trade restriction from newly purchased items will be removed for Battle Pass owners, so Valve can “keep the winter supply lines moving”.

The Battle Pass comes with a winter season courier offering many different styles. Moreover, you get cool phoenix wards and frost effigies with effects to show off to your friends. The list of treasures include being able to unlock effects for items and abilities such as Euls Sceptre of Divinity, Blink, Force Staff, Teleport and Fountain Healing; and more taunts for heroes including Venomancer and Undying. With more battle points, your chances to spin Rylai’s Winter Blessing increase even further.

Compendium Updates

Valve is making full use of the new Reborn client. By offering some sleek looking tabs for Battle Pass owners, such as Friend Leaderboards and Progress Tracking. Moreover, the Compendium lets you view a revamped tournament page for the Shanghai Major where you can check things like match recaps, talent team, etc.

Like the last major, the Compendium (and Battle Pass) will not contribute to the total prize pool of the Shanghai Major 2016, which will be a fixed $3,000,000. More info about the Battle Pass and Compendium can be found here.