Na’Vi’s DotA 2 Team Picks Up GeneRaL For Offlane To Complete Roster

 Na’Vi’s DotA 2 Team Picks Up GeneRaL For Offlane To Complete Roster

With the departure, or rather removal of Ax.Mo from the team, Na’Vi is out searching for new talent, and they may have just found it in the guise of Viktor ‘GeneRaL-qw’ Nigrini.

On 18th January, Ax.Mo announced his departure from the Ukrainian squad. With the team still a bit shaky and unstable, they’re ready to try out some rising stars from Ukraine to save the ship. GeneRaL is a new semi-pro DOTA 2 player, living in Ukraine. He was first seen in the pro scene playing with team Duza Gaming, where they¬†landed a second place with Team Empire in Dota 2 Champions League S6. He was also a major contributor to Team ScaryFacez’s success at various different tournaments.

GeneRaL’s former team, Elements Pro Gaming, had it’s eyes set on the Shanghai Majors European qualifier; but were unable to proceed as they were eliminated. With that, GeneRaL was promptly relieved from the team. Now, after a month of being teamless, he’s been trying to fixate his mind at achieving bigger opportunities within the Pro DOTA scene; and that is very much possible by joining a team with a long history in the eSport.

The current Na’Vi DOTA 2 roster stands as follows:

  • Ditya-Ra
  • Dendi
  • SoNNeikO
  • Artstyle
  • GeneRaL

GeneRaL has been seen to play farming and fighting heroes in his career, but to fit into Na’Vi like a puzzle piece, he must offer his services as an offlaner. Assuming other roles remain the same, Ditya-Ra will be playing the position 1 carry, Dendi will be the mid player as always and SoNNeikO and Artstyle will be the supports with Artstyle as the captain.

“our opponents will have to go through some difficult times”

A quick and short interview with GeneRaL conducted by the Natus Vincere team reveals that he will indeed be playing for the offlane role, and he is quite ready for it. GeneRaL has played with SoNNeikO and Ditya-Ra on Power Rangers previously and has also been in ScaryFacez with Artstyle. He also speaks his mind about Elements Pro Gaming, letting us know that they were not able to proceed in the Shanghai Major qualifiers due to lack of synergy between the team and different arguments. He concludes by saying that it has been a pleasure to play with them.

It’s important to note that GeneRaL doesn’t have a confirmed spot with Na’Vi, but things will become clearer as their next match approaches which will be on 31st of January as Na’Vi go head to head against Vega Squadron in Dota Pit League S4. We will see how he settles in with the new environment.