Korean StarCraft Champion Brought In For Questioning By The Authorities

 Korean StarCraft Champion Brought In For Questioning By The Authorities

It looks like one of the biggest players of the popular game, Starcraft has been at the center of another match-fixing scandal in South Korea.

According to recent reports, former World Championship Series and Global Starcraft League winner Lee “Life” Seung Hyun was brought in by the authorities. The report came in by way of a statement from the Korean eSports association KESPA who said that the reason behind this questioning has not yet been revealed but it is worth noting that he is brought in by the same prosecutors who are heading an ongoing investigation regarding match fixing. This investigation has been going on since quite a while and has brought in several convictions in the last year.

As of right now, there are not many details known on the case but KESPA has stated that they are working with the authorities as much as possible and are not going to allow Hyun into any competition until this matter is resolved. Also, since all of the official statements right now are in Korean, it is not clear as to whether Hyun was brought in for questioning or was arrested.

Match fixing is not a new crime in the world of Korean eSports. Just recently, there were three big names banned from the Korean eSports scene for life on multiple accusations of match fixing earlier in 2015. Match fixing has plagued the scene since 2010 when eleven players were found guilty of the crime and ended up being fined millions of won. Since then, it has been believed that the scene never recovered from the Match fixing disease.

Hyun is one of the well-known players from Korean eSports today. The player has been decorated a lot of times in recent years and has won several competitions including WCS, GSL and IEM Taipei. Recently, he completed a transfer from KT Rolster to Afreeca and the matter has been brought into investigation as well. However, KESPA has reaffirmed that none of the organizations knew about the fact that he is being investigated by the authorities.

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Saqib "BOOM" Mansoor