Dota 2 Winter Battle Pass – Changes To Trading

 Dota 2 Winter Battle Pass – Changes To Trading

Valve recently released the Winter Battle Pass; with the Shanghai Major Compendium along with it. One thing that people love about compendiums, is sets. Lots and lots of them. But in the past year or so, due to Valve’s heavy trade restrictions there has been a slight disapproval of the way they changed how trading works. To combat that, Valve has made some special adjustments to the trading system for Battle Pass owners.

Firstly, you are now able to directly trade any items you receive from the Battle Pass. This means, if you received cosmetic items for a particular hero that you don’t play, or don’t like; then you can simply swap it with someone else. In the previous compendiums, it was common to see lots and lots of duplicates in people’s armories due to the 3 month trade restriction. Now that the trade restriction is lifted for Battle Pass owners, that won’t be the case again.

Secondly, now that you get items and sets for heroes divided in categories like Rare, Very Rare and Ultra Rare; you have a higher chance of winning rarer items the more you open treasures. This means, no more dishing in tons of money to find out that you’re only gonna spam your inventory with tons of duplicates. This is going to create a lot less frustration and will provide for some variety in items, if people are contented to spend money for a higher chance to win rares.

The Winter Battle Pass is quite superior to previous Compendiums, costing only $7.99. Due to these changes; and is definitely worth checking out. It definitely seems as if Valve is taking the community’s opinion into account to shape their game, and it is working out quite well for them. More info about the Winter 2016 Battle Pass can be found here and here.