DOTA 2 Client Update 22nd Jan 2016 – 63.7 MB Economy, Gameplay and UI Tweaks

 DOTA 2 Client Update 22nd Jan 2016 – 63.7 MB Economy, Gameplay and UI Tweaks

Valve has released a new update for DOTA 2. The DOTA 2 update mainly consists of bug fixes, small changes and updates to the economy. It comes in two parts, and the changelogs can be viewed below.

Update #1

Total Size: 44.5 MB with Tools

Gameplay Updates & Bug Fixes:

  • Bounty_Hunter_iconBounty Hunter’s Track does not provide additional gold if used on Arc Warden’s ultimate, Tempest Double.

Previously, when Outworld_Devourer_iconArc Warden created a duplicate of himself using it’s ultimate, Tempest Double; enemy Bounty_Hunter_iconBounty Hunters could get some easy cash by using Track on it. This does not work anymore.

  • Fixed selection issue with certain non-hero units.

Valve has fixed selection issues on many non-hero units such as when Astral Imprisonment is cast on any units.

Economy & Tournament Updates

  • ADDED: Charm of the Enigmatic Wanderer

The charm associated with Captain’s Draft 3.0. 30% of revenue generated is added to the prize pool.

  • All items associated with DotaCinema’s Captain’s Draft 3.0 will be tradeable after 20th April, 2016.
  • CDEC Classic tournament tier has been updated from ‘Professional’ to ‘Amateur.

UI Updates

DotaCinema’s Captain Draft 3.0 treasure Ad has been added to the front page.

Update #2

Total Size: 19.2 MB with Tools

  • Fixed missing Captains Draft 3.0 Ad on the frontpage from Update #1.

The updates are relatively small, sizing up to 63.7 MB with tools enabled. The second update mainly consists of a fix for the missing advertisment.