Dendi Shares His Views On Recent Team Issues And Performance

 Dendi Shares His Views On Recent Team Issues And Performance

Danil ‘Dendi’ Ishutin spoke his mind about the recent Natus Vincere roster, team confidence, issues, and why they were not so successful at Starladder at a recent interview with DotaBlast; which can be found here.

Dendi has been on Na’Vi for almost six years now; being one of the only players to stick with one team for so long. The team which was quite stable for two-three years after it’s inception in DOTA 2, has absolutely seen it’s ups and downs. Regardless of the other players, Dendi has been powering through it and has kept his grip steady and continues to strive to return Na’Vi back to it’s glory.

Coming on to the interview from DotaBlast; Dendi has unveiled his thoughts on his individual and team performance lately, and how they’re planning to improve it. Following are some of the main points from the interview:

  • Dendi had kept his expectations high for Starladder; it’s obvious the way he behaves around his fans that he knows he’s absolutely going to crush it in the battlefield, even if he’s not performing his best at that moment. His mindset is wonderful for a pro player, he doesn’t want to be top 16 or top 32. He wants to be the best there is.
  • He blames the team’s sloppy performance at the recent tournaments due to lack of communication and discipline. In his words, his team is going full “yolo” during matches, performing actions without second thoughts and ending up making mistakes. This lies hand in hand with the lack of communication, especially in high-tier matches where knowing what your team is capable of is quite important. As he says, if you’re not comfortable with what your team’s limits are you can’t really play confidently.
  • Na’Vi’s new roster is already feeling the heat; as Dendi says that he sees improvements in the team’s near future. When asked whether he would switch up the line-up or improve on the current one, he promptly assures that there’s lots of room for improvement in the current roster and they will be looking forward to it.
  • Dendi thinks of his team as a single unit. Meaning if there’s something that went wrong, it wasn’t one particular person’s fault, but the whole team’s. In the case of ArtStyle too, he remains confident that he doesn’t deserve any blame for his drafting ability.
  • He feels like he owes Na’Vi for providing him with a good platform to show off his abilities in DOTA 2, and for changing his life the past five years. Due to this, he’s not as ready to leave the team as he would be otherwise.

Next up there were a few opinions shared unrelated to the team,

  • Dendi shared his views on his previous love for dancing and playing piano, and how he doesn’t completely realize why he didn’t take that path.
  • He claims that people are unable to break into the Pro scene in the CIS region mainly due to them not being able to play in a team oriented environment. He says it doesn’t matter if someone is 9k MMR; if he can’t communicate and play with a team at high level then he won’t be successful.
  • A notable player, (or “rising star”) in the CIS region is Ramzes, from Team Spirit. Keep an eye out for him!

That concludes DotaBlast’s interview. Once again the video can be found on this link. Let’s all wish Dendi and Natus Vincere to have an even more successful 2016!