BTS Series Europe #2 open qualifiers are going to begin this weekend. The tournament will offer a $10,000 prize pool to the winner, and it will stretch from 6th February to 16th February 2016. The main tournament will consist of a single elimination bracket format, where 14 teams will be playing by being directly invited. There will be two more slots available for claim by winning in the EU regional qualifiers, totalling the number of teams to 16.

The open qualifiers start this weekend on 30 and 31 January. All matches for the open qualifier will be played on FACEIT’s platform. It should be noted that people without a team can also sign up for qualifiers on FACEIT, as they will be paired up with four other players to form a team.

The format for the open qualifiers will all be best of one matches until the semi-finals, where rounds of best of three will be played. The winner of the BTS EU open qualifiers take home $500.

All needed info regarding the qualifiers, including rules and timings being played on FACEIT are available here. Registration ends this Saturday on the 30th of Jan 2016.