Blizzard’s Overwatch Slated For Mid-February Resurgence With A New Mode In Tow

 Blizzard’s Overwatch Slated For Mid-February Resurgence With A New Mode In Tow

Blizzard’s Overwatch has been the hot topic for debates recently. The game’s highly anticipated closed beta, which began late in November 2015, was brought to an early closedown in December 2015 in order to address the issues that were reported by the players. The beta was then scheduled to be back online sometime in mid-late January but now, it looks like that the beta has been pushed back again towards a February 2016 date.

The announcement came in by way of a post by the game’s director, Jeff Kaplan on the official forums where he said that the release date has been pushed back in order to “add one more big feature to the next beta patch”. The post adds that the team is looking at a mid-February release date right now and added that they do not expect more delays to happen as of right now. The nature and the details of the changes and additions have not been mentioned in the post and we can assume that there will be more information on the “big change” that is set to come in when the beta re-releases. Kaplan also stressed the importance of not rushing on the upcoming beta patch and said that they want extra time to make sure everything is running as expected and also want to offer compensation to the fans by adding new features.

This might actually be heart breaking news for many people out there, especially if you consider the fact that the beta’s initial run logged in over 1.1 million hours played but if everything turns out to be the way Kaplan has described, it should all be for the better in the end. For those who do not know, the beta re-launch will also include many new changes which, albeit small, will bring in balancing and tweaks to the game’s reward and progression system along with general bug fixes. New maps will also be added to the rotation and while the new game mode has not yet been detailed, it is certainly going to be something that every fan of the game out there is going to be excited about.

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Saqib "BOOM" Mansoor